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Retails Apps are Retargeting & Rocketing in Sales During the Holiday Season

Opinion Piece with Chris Catlow, General Manager of Mobile Performance at Bold Screen Media.

With the holiday season approaching, sales in retail apps are increasing sales by retargeting their audience. From my perspective after reading the article on BusinessofApps, marketers have a huge (sometimes untapped) potential in the users that have installed their shopping apps. Generally an extension of a loyalty program, app users can be the most valuable customers a retailer has. By creating customized targeted offers to these high-value customers during the holiday season makes complete sense.

With email inboxes crammed with offers, often times they can be ignored or missed. Consumers can be overwhelmed when they see dozens of offers in their inbox each morning. In an effort to stand out from the noise of all things ‘holiday,’’ a targeted offer delivered at the right time can have a big impact, as supported by the research.

If retail apps are looking to increase sales I would also segment your audience based on prior purchase behavior to dramatically improve engagement and response rates. At this time of year, the conversation is around “share of wallet.” Don’t let your best customers get lost in the sea of offers from competitors. Use the tools and data to help loyal customers stay faithful this holiday season.

While I was working with a large music retailer, retargeting was a huge part of what we did. Having developed a stand-alone commerce app we found that our most valuable customers were the ones who found value in quickly and easily using a more streamlined eCommerce experience. Also, tailoring offers based on their shopping or browsing behavior drove significant lifts in average order values and repeat visits.

Retail apps continue to rise in sales throughout the holiday season. Developing a holistic strategy this holiday season can support speaking to your existing customers across multiple channels. With the right strategy and the right offer at the right time, the payoffs can be immense.


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