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Marketers Continue to Utilize In-App Advertising

Opinion Piece with Emma Giang, Ad Operations Analyst at Bold Screen Media. 

Adage recently released an article explaining even though in-app advertising faces some unresolved issues, advertisers are still pouring their marketing dollar towards it. Mobile marketing allows advertisers to target a specific audience, engage with their audience at the right time and acquire new users at scale.  

Although in-app advertising is promising, it still addresses some issues including multi-party integration and ad fraud. Ad fraud is still a sophisticated circumstance for marketers; however, the more we contribute to the ecosystem, the more powerful and holistic we can resolve the problem. 

As mentioned in the article, in-app advertising is currently used more as a tool in addition to traditional digital marketing channels rather than an important channel itself. I agree with the article that in-app advertising needs to be seen as a strategic channel to acquire customers. Particularly, since customers nowadays are moving into a mobile-first world where a cell phone is becoming an irreplaceable item. 

The happening changes are proven by the $101 billion ads spent in 2018 on mobile advertising, according to App Annie. Thus, I believe it’s strategic for brands to start adapting mobile-app advertising channels to their marketing mix. 

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