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5 Tips for Working Remotely During COVID-19

Do you find yourself working from home due to COVID-19? Well, you are not alone! We wanted to provide you with some work from home tips for the next couple of weeks to stay productive and organized. It is easy to find yourself getting distracted by your surroundings at home- dishes to be done, laundry to be put away- but if you follow these tips to stay focused during work hours, you will feel more prepared for the work day ahead of you.

5 Tips for working remotely during COVID-19

1. Find an area to set up a comfortable workplace in your home. Set up your computer, drinks, chargers, ect to prepare you for a successful day ahead. Go throughout your day as you would in your office, if you normally have a glass of coffee & water next to your desk- set up the same in your at-home office.

2. Change out of your pajamas! Get dressed and change out of your pajamas! (Doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable) but you will feel more productive and awake with a fresh wardrobe for your day.

3. Make a list. Write down your goals for the month, week and day. Check off the things you get done throughout the day to stay on track and organize your day.

4. Drink water & eat something healthy. It is important for you to stay hydrated and to give your body the nutrients it needs throughout the day.

5. Take a break and get some fresh air. Otherwise, you’ll be giving yourself cabin fever feeling stuck inside all day. It is important to get yourself not only physically but mentally too-go on a walk, take a deep breath of fresh air and change the scenery around you.

When you are done working for the day, it is encouraged you find a new hobby, journal, cook a new recipe or try an at home workout! We just released a new women's lifestyle smart TV app called Bestself TV that is available for free on Roku where you can follow at home workouts or yoga flows.

Always remember to take care of your mental & physical health throughout times like these & be kind to people who may need help around you- a smile goes a long way.

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